Circumbinary Disk Evolution

Richard Günther & Wilhelm Kley

submitted to A&A


We study the evolution of circumbinary disks surrounding classical T Tau stars. High resolution numerical simulations are employed to model a system consisting of a central eccentric binary star within an accretion disk. The disk is assumed to be infinitesimally thin, however a detailed energy balance including viscous heating and radiative cooling is applied. A novel numerical approach using a parallelized Dual-Grid technique on two different coordinate systems has been implemented. Physical parameters of the setup are chosen to model the close system of DQ Tau and AK Sco, as well as the wider systems of GG Tau and UY Aur. Our main findings are for the tight binaries a substantial flow of material through the disk gap which is accreted onto the central stars in a phase dependent process. We are able to constrain the parameters of the systems by matching both accretion rates and derived spectral energy distributions to observational data where available.

Version: Mar. 20th, 2002

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