Planet Formation

- Planets in Disks -   (Planet-Disk Interaction)

Wilhelm Kley

Universität Tübingen

Modeling the interaction of Jupiter-like Planets with the surrounding Disks: Results, Images, Animations, Papers.

    Red Spiral:   (large, small); Gap Opening Animations: MPG-Movie 1, MPG-Movie 2

    The Global View I (Yellow Spiral) : The fully developed gap and the winding spirals (trailing shock waves).

    The Global View II: The tenuous spiral arms - extending all the way to the planet. This image was published in Science (Vol. 276, p. 1338, 1997).

    The FLOW FIELD:   A Close Up of the detailed flow field in the vicinity of the planet.   (PNG-File)
    Note, that the spiral arms are trailing shock waves, and the prograde rotation rate within the planets Roche lobe.

    The Migration Rate: Mass accretion onto the planet through the gap, for different numerical parameter.

A Movie shows the onset of the Gap-Formation process.

Other resources related to accretion onto planets through gaps:
1. By Richard Nelson (QMUL)
2. By Frederic Masset (Sacley)
3. By Geoff Bryden & Doug Lin
4. By Pawel Artymowicz

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