Introduction to General Relativity



Course Description

The course is an introduction to the Einstein’s theory for gravity, known as  General Relativity (GR).

After an introduction to the tensor calculus (3 weeks) we describe the evolution of the ideas that led to GR.

We present the classical tests that support the theory and discuss the solutions of Einstein’s equations that are relevant to astrophysics.

The paradoxes related to black holes as well as the astrophysical and quantum phenomena in their surroundings are also discussed.

Gravitational waves, the “ripples” of the spacetime are explained as well as their detection prospects and the astrophysical implications.

Finally, we discuss the structure and dynamics of relativistic stars (neutron stars) 

Teaching/exercise hours

Theory     : Wednesday  13:15-15:00 [C9 G09]

Exercises  : Monday       12:15-14:00 [C10 H33] Group B

                                    12:15-14:00 [D8 H33] Group A

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Tuesday       : 15:00 - 16:00

Wednesday   : 15:00 - 16:00