Homepage updated!

June 2017Posted by Marius


I have updated the homepage. Please check out my new papers!


Under construction...

May 2017Posted by Marius


I am currently updating the webpage. New content will be available soon.


New Paper Online!

June 2015Posted by Marius


My paper about the angular momentum transport in astrophysical boundary layers has been published in Astronomy & Astrophysics:



April 8, 2015Posted by Marius


The Physics page has been brought up to date.


Now available: Résumé

December 11, 2012Posted by Marius


I added some information about my Diploma Thesis on the Boundary Layer of Accretion Disks around Young Stars. You can now find a short summary of what I've done in my Thesis: Résumé (in German).


Additional Content

October 24, 2012Posted by Marius


Finally I managed to add some new content and additional information. All pages are now accessible and provide you with information about my work and myself.


New Homepage launched

December 13, 2011Posted by Marius


Welcome to my new homepage, which has been launched today. Here you will find mainly information about my scientific work in the field of theoretical/computational astrophysics (cf. Physics). Also, information about me and my curriculum vitae, as well as details how to reach me are given in CV and Contact. You may access these section easily via the menu bar on the top of every page. At the bottom of Home, the visitor will find some links, which I consider useful in the context of this page. Finally, subsections of the pages accessible through the top menu bar can be found in the sidebar on the right-hand side. Please note, that it may take a little more time until the search in the sidebar is working properly. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me, eg. via Email. Enjoy!