CPT Group Seminar

In WS 20/21


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Plan for the Winterterm

  No.   Date   Speaker   Topic
  i       6.10.   Lucas Jordan   The Fargo Method
  ii       13.10.   Thomas Rometsch   planets in discs
  iii       27.10.   Matthias Brucklacher   Navigation with Hierarchically Structured Spiking Neural Networks
  1       03.11.   Kley - All   Coordination
  2       10.11.   tbd   title
  3       17.11.   Tim Hallatt (Canada)   Can Large-scale Migration Explain the Statistics of Giant Planets?
  4       24.11.   Alexandros Ziampras   VSI-generated turbulence in protoplanetary disks
  5       01.12.   Thomas Rometsch   Gap opening in low viscosity 3D disks - resolution dependence
  6       08.12.   Gabriel-D. Marleau   Akkretierende Planeten: Beobachtungen und Theorie von Wasserstofflinienemission
  7       15.12.   Tobias Moldenhauer   Using Tracer Particles to measure the Recycling Time of Proto-planetary Atmospheres
  8       22.12.   Xmas session  
  9       12.01.2021   Anna Penzlin   Evolution of binary orbits
  10       19.01.   Patricia Buzzatto Siqueira   SPH analysis of collisions between macroscopic bodies immersed in planetary rings
  11       26.01.   Eleftheria Sarafidou   Saturation of the MRI by Ambipolar Diffusion
  12       02.02.   Stephan Löffler   Conservative Reproducing Kernel SPH (CRKSPH)
  13       09.02.   Christoph Burger   Small-body deflection by kinetic impactor
  14       16.02.   André Oliva  
  15       23.02.   William Béthune   tba