Experimental Gravity


  1. *Brief Introduction

    by Prof. Kostas Kokkotas

* Testing the Equivalence Principle

    by Dr. Erich Gaertig (29.04.2010)

  1. *Numerical relativity

    by Dr. Burkhard Zink (06.05.2010)

  1. *Gravity in Small Scales & Extra Dimensions

   by Dr. Roman Konoplya (20.05.2010)

  1. *Gravity Probe B

    by Dr. Kostas Glambedakis (10.06.2010)

  1. *Gravitational Wave Detectors

    by Prof. Kostas Kokkotas (01.07.2010)

  1. *Gravitational Lensing

    by Dr. Paul Lasky (08.07.2010)

  1. *Parametrized Post-Newtonian Theory

    by Dr. Hajime Sotani



  1. *Gravitational Wave  


Teaching hours

Thursday  10:15 - 12:00   [ C9 G09 ]

BRIEF description

In this course we will present past and ongoing experiments related to general relativity.

Course Material