Anna Penzlin


2018 Dust-driven viscous ring-instability in protoplanetary disks
(by C.P.Dullemond, A.B.T. Penzlin)
2019 Circumbinary discs with radiative cooling and embedded planets
(by W. Kley, D. Thun, A.B.T. Penzlin)
1:1 orbital resonance of circumbinary planets
(by A.B.T. Penzlin, S. Ataiee, W. Kley)
2020 Gap, shadows, spirals, and streamers:
SPHERE observations of binary-disk interactions in GG Tauri A
(by M. Keppler, A.B.T. Penzlin et. al)
2021 Parking planets in circumbinary discs
(by A.B.T. Penzlin, W. Kley, R.P. Nelson)
2022 Binary orbital evolution driven by a circumbinary disc
(by A.B.T. Penzlin, W. Kley, H. Audiffren, C.M. Schäfer)