Thomas Rometsch

Computational Astrophysics - PhD Student - Planet-Disk Interactions


Welcome to my homepage at the University of Tübingen. I'm a PhD student working with Willy Kley as my supervisor.

My area of research are transition disks, specifically how systems of embedded planets can explain the existence of large inner holes in this subclass of protoplanetary disks. To answer which role planets play in a protoplanetary disk, I run large fluid dynamics simulations.

This page is still under construction. It is mainly set up for the Exoplanets 3 conference. More content will follow soon, especially tool and framework I have designed to streamline the process of running simulations.


  • Migration jumps in transition disks, T. Rometsch & P. Rodenkirch & W. Kley & C. P. Dullemond, A&A, submitted

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