Survival of planet-induced vortices in 2D disks

T. Rometsch & A. Ziampras & W. Kley & W. Béthune

2021 October, A&A, ADS, arXiv

Modeling the nonaxisymmetric structure in the HD 163296 disk with planet-disk interaction

P. J. Rodenkirch & T. Rometsch & C. P. Dullemond & P. Weber & W. Kley

2021 March, A&A, ADS, arXiv

Migration of Jupiter mass planets in low viscosity discs

E. Lega & R. P. Nelson & A. Morbidelli & W. Kley & W. Béthune & A. Crida & D. Kloster & H. Méheut & T. Rometsch & A. Ziampras

2021 February, A&A, ADS, arXiv

Migration jumps in transition discs

T. Rometsch & P. J. Rodenkirch & W. Kley & C. P. Dullemond

2020 November, A&A, ADS, arXiv, poster at Exoplanets 3