Numerical Particle Methods Group

The workgroup on numerical particle methods is part of late Prof. Kley's department of Computational Physics. Our research is focused on meshfree particle methods such as Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, Molecular Dynamics and Tree algorithms and their application on astrophysical processes.

  • Research topics
    • Computational Physics and High Performance Computing
    • Smooth(ed) Particle Hydrodynamics
    • Protoplanetary discs and embedded protoplanet evolution
    • Circumbinary discs
    • Planetesimal and planetary embryo formation processes
    • Impacts and collisions

the group before the pandemic, © Evita Vavilina
  • Current members
    Hania Azzam, Master student
    Jovan Boscovic, Master student
    Patricia Buzzatto Siqueira, PhD student
    Christoph Burger, Postdoc
    Jonas Hohaus, Master student
    Anne Jeschke, Master student
    Christian Jetter, Bachelor student
    Yannick Mühlhäuser, Bachelor student
    Prakrut Rajesh, Master student
    Thamiris de Santana, Postdoc
    Jakob Sappler, Bachelor student
    Rafael Sfair, Postdoc
    Kang Shuai, visiting PhD student
    Katyayani Trivedi, student
  • Former members
    Johannes Martin, Shrikanth Panneerselvan, Hugo Audiffren, Michael Staneker, Sofia Morelli, Marius Paul, Daniela Munoz, Maximilian Rutz, David Riestenpatt gen. Richter, Stephan Löffler, Dr. Oliver Wandel, Evita Vavilina, Dr. Stefan Kunze, Dr. Matthias Kunle, Dr. Ralf Geretshauser, Daria Adis, Dr. Ferzana Meru, Dr. Serena Arena, Dr. Kevin Schaal, Sven Riecker, Samuel Scherrer, Franziska Schmidt, Janka Werner, Kai Fabi, Marius Morlock.
    Former head of the group: PD Dr. Roland Speith.
The group maintains and develops the open source SPH codes miluphcuda and milupHPC.
Please see the github repos: and (fork from Michael Staneker's repo).
last update: 2023-09-24