CPT group meeting winter term 2023

Tue, 4:15pm, C10H33

Date Speaker Title
17 Oct Christoph organisational meeting
24 Oct Yannick DART impact modelling
Halloween Thami Daphnis' chaotic orbit
7 Nov Prakrut Migration patterns of massive planets
14 Nov Jovan Structures, dynamics and possibilities in the TOI 178 system
21 Nov
28 Nov Patricia via zoom Dust Generation through macroscopic bodies collisions in planetary rings: A Hybrid Approach Integrating SPH Analysis and N-Body Simulations
5 Dec Hania higher order moments in parallel nbody simulations
12 Dec Anne
19 Dec Lenard Finite Volume Neural Network for simple vortex models
9 Jan Lucas
16 Jan Prakrut Migration patterns of massive planets revisited
23 Jan Jonas (tbc)
30 Jan Rafael
6 Feb Thami & Christoph fancy (tbc) SPH simulations

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