January 25, 2023
Saulo Soares

Affiliation: University of Paraiba, Brazil

Title: Phenomenology of Quantum Gravity with Black holes

Abstract: At the dawn of the multi-messenger era of astronomy and astrophysics, new techniques and experimental methods enlightened the way for us to address some of the most important open problems in theoretical physics. One of those problems is the problem of quantum gravity/quantum spacetime. Currently, there are several different theories describing the gravity or the spacetime within a quantization scheme. All of those theories share the same difficulty: testing their predictions. The energy scales involved in experiments where quantum gravity effects could manifest themselves are usually of the order of the Planck energy scale, which is far beyond the energy scales involved in our current particle accelerators. The Quantum Gravity Phenomenology has emerged in search for alternatives to approach this problem. The idea of this talk is to present the general state of the art of that problem, and how the Group of Quantum Gravity Phenomenology from the Federal University of Paraiba has been approaching this problem. One of the ideas of the group is to use black holes' observables, such as their ringdown frequencies, to detach the signature of quantum gravity modifications from future observational data. For this goal, we make use of quantum spacetime's effective models.

Zoom session