Feb 23, 2024
Dr. Thomas Celora

Affiliation: ICE, Bellaterra, Spain

Title: Relativistic turbulence: a covariant approach to large-eddy simulations

Abstract: Binary neutron star mergers offer a unique possibility to explore many extremes of physics. In particular, the large amount of numerical work carried out over the last decade has allowed us to obtain a robust but broad-brush picture of the merger dynamics. Current simulations are in fact far from resolving the full range of scales involved, particularly because of the development of turbulence in the merger remnant. This has motivated quite some recent effort towards adapting the large-eddy simulation strategy to the relativistic setting relevant for binary mergers. Despite the impressive successes of such efforts, however, all the practical implementations so far are problematic in that they break covariance. In this talk, I will discuss a proposed framework that allows us to overcome said limitations, and present some preliminary results on its practical implementation. Should time permit it, I will also briefly present a recent discussion on local magneto-shear instabilities that explicitly make contact with the large-eddy strategy and is well-suited to highly-dynamical environments such as mergers.