October 22, 2021
Dr. Adrian del Rio Vega

Affiliation: Penn State University, USA

Title: Quantum effects induced by gravitational waves

Abstract: Chiral anomalies in quantum field theory typically emerge whenever one introduces an interaction with a classical Yang-Mills or gravitational background, and their analysis have been traditionally connected to topological questions of this background and the study of instanton solutions. We show here how one can alternatively find situations of physical interest that only involve ordinary, but dynamical solutions of the background field equations. More precisely, we will show that solutions to the Einstein (Maxwell) equations are able to trigger these anomalies if and only if they admit a flux of gravitational (electromagnetic) radiation with net circular polarization. Using symmetry arguments we will then identify and discuss some examples in binary systems. As an application of this analysis, we will also discuss the potential that measurements of GW circular polarization could have in identifying precession effects in binary black hole systems.

Zoom session