Prediction of observable quantities tracing the process of planetesimal formation

This project aims at connecting the theoretical predictions for planetesimal formation and evolution processes derived in the various projects of the Forschergruppe with specific existing observations. Moreover, predictions for future observations will be investigated providing powerful tools to verify the results of the Forschergruppe. This project is split into two phases: In the first part of the project, existing analytical and numerical models of protoplanetary disks will be used to study the influence of the disk evolution on observable quantities. As the project proceeds, at latest in the second half of it, the new results to be provided by the other teams of the Forschergruppe will be considered. In particular, this concerns new findings and constraints for the evolution of the disk and the dust/planetesimals therein. Based on the results of the radiative transfer simulations and the comparison with existing observations, feedback to the these teams (primarily A1/A2/B2/C1) will be provided instantaneously. This will allow to optimize the strategy of their investigations, by providing information about the feasibility to verify their predictions.

Principle Investigators

Dr. Sebastian Wolf
Dr. Cornelis Dullemond