Evolution of the mineralogical and chemical composition of pre-planetary disks

The project aims at developing comprehensive models based on numerical simulations for the early mineralogical and chemical evolution of the material in pre-planetary disks.This includes, on the one hand, modeling of the disk structure and evolution, and of processes of matter transport within the disk, and, on the other hand, the modeling of the chemical and physical alteration processes to which the pristine interstellar matter is subjected until its incorporation into large bodies of a planetary system. The required input data for the mineralogical processes, e. g., annealing, evaporation, and growth processes, will be retrieved by mineralogical experiments in A1. The results will allow to predict the composition of the precursor material from which planetesimals and later planets are formed and to compare this with the observational material from bodies in our Solar System, e. g., cometary and meteoritic material, and with observations of protoplanetary accretion disks.

Principle Investigators

Prof. Dr. Werner Tscharnuter
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Gail
Prof. Dr. Thomas Henning