Advanced Labwork in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Summer Term 2018

The specialized course in Astronomy and Astrophysics offers an advanced labwork. The experiments will take place at section Astronomy (Sand 1) or at section Computational Physics (Auf der Morgenstelle 10).
In the summer term 2018 the labwork will be held as block during semester break from 30.07. - 10.08.2018 (Mo, We, Fr 9:00-18:00). If there should occur overlaps with other courses, single experiments might be shifted to later dates in agreement with the corresponding tutor. Preparatory meeting: Tu. 24.07.2018, 11:00 Uhr, Astronomy, Sand 1, room A 210. See also the central website for more information including the link to ilias.

Chaos in planetary systems - Wilhelm Kley & Christoph Schäfer
In this part of the practical course, the students will develop a computer code for the simulation of the gravitational interaction between planets and will validate their code with the two body problem. After successfully simulating the two body problem, the students will apply their code to the chaotic three body problem. Students are expected to read the theoretical part of the instructions.

Instructions and related paper Some useful links for programming in C or python and plotting tools Back.

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