Planet Formation and Evolution:

The Solar System and Extrasolar Planets

Tübingen, March 2-6, 2009



Subject: The Beginning (Protoplanetary Disks)
P1.1 P. Abraham Mid-infrared Variability of Young Stellar Objects: Clues for Disk Structure and Dynamics
P1.2 M. Fang Star and Disk Properties in Orion's Suburbs
P1.3 V. Grinin Structure and Dynamics of Circumstellar Matter in the Neighbourhood of UX Ori Stars
P1.4 C. Martin-Zaidi H2 Emission in the Disk of HD97048
P1.5 M. Moualla Variability among Pleiades Stars
P1.6 J. Sauter Modelling the Proto-planetary Disc CB26
P1.7 A. Juhasz EX Lupi outburst

Subject: Physics and Chemistry of Disks
P2.1 A. Boley The Two Modes of Gas Giant Planet Formation
P2.2 A. Carmona Observational Diagnostics of Gas in Protoplanetary disks
P2.3 A. Carmona High Resolution Optical Spectroscopy of 35 Herbig Ae/Be Star Candidates
P2.4 M. Flaig Magnetorotational Instabilities in Accretion Discs with Radiative Diffusion
P2.5 M. Flock 3D Global MHD Protoplanetary Disk Simulations with an High-order Godunov Scheme
P2.6 M. Fragner Planet Formation in Warped Protoplanetary Discs
P2.7 R. Kuiper On the Initial Conditions of Planet Formation
P2.8 E. Lüttjohann Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks
P2.9 B. Perret Supernova Bullets Impinging upon Molecular Clouds
P2.10 V. Salmin The Toroidal Topology of 3D Steady Flow of Ideal Compressible Fluid in Description of Solar System Formation
P2.11 J. Schönke Global Simulations of the Collapse of Molecular Cloud Cores
P2.12 D. Wiebe Chemistry in Brown Dwarf Discs

Subject: Dusty Growth
P3.1 T. Birnstiel Dust Particle Growth in Evolving Protoplanetary Disks
P3.2 C. Güttler Experiments on Fragmentation and Charge Separation in Pre-planetary Dust Collisions
P3.3 D. Heinzeller Chemical Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks - the Effect of Turbulent Mixing
P3.4 T. Kelling The Solid-State Greenhouse Effect plus Thermophoresis: Dust Recycling in Protoplanetary Disks
P3.5 J. Kim Debris Disks Around Sun-like Stars from the FEPS Spitzer Legacy Program
P3.6 M. Krause High-temperature Dust Collision Experiments
P3.7 A. Oka Effects of Extinction by Icy Dust Particles on the Location of the Snowline in an Optically-thick Protoplanetary Disk
P3.8 S. Okuzumi Electric Charging of Dust Aggregates and its Effect on Their Coagulation in Protoplanetary Disks
P3.9 N. Raettig Particle Accretion onto Planets in a Protoplanetary Disk
P3.10 L. Ricci Grain Growth in Taurus-Auriga Proto-planetary Disks from Millimetre Wavelengths
P3.11 J. Teiser Collisions - From Dust Puppies to Planets

Subject: Radial Mixing and Transit Planets
P4.1 M. Klevenz Evaporation Studies on Silicates
P4.2 A. Morlok Infrared Studies of Debris Disks: The Connection to Meteorites
P4.3 A. Patzer Zirkonium and Hafnium in Meteorites
P4.4 B. Reinhard Laboratory Experiments on the Kinetics of Thermal Annealing of Dust in Proto-planetary Disks - First Results
P4.5 I. Tunyi Laboratory Experiments Towards Heterogeneous Accretion
P4.6 S. Wetzel Condensation of SiO and SiO2 Studied by Infrared Spectroscopy
P4.7 S. Yasuda Collision Condition for Compound Chondrule Formation

Subject: Rapid Planetesimal Formation
P5.1 S. Fatemi Moghareh Solar Wind Interaction with Venus Inosphere: Effects and Evolutions
P5.2 S. Fiedler Debris Disks Around Planet Host Stars
P5.3 R. Geretshauser Progress in Calibrating an SPH Code for Pre-planetesimal Collisions
P5.4 M. Kato Planetesimal Formation in Quasi-steady State Generated by Inhomogeneous MRI
P5.5 A. Zsom Circumstellar Disks and Dust Aggregates: the Biggest Billiard Table with the Smallest Balls

Subject: Physics and Chemistry of Planets
P6.1 P. Cathaway-Kjontvedt Lithium Abundance Trends in ESP Host Stars
P6.2 M. Godolt Atmospheric Biomarker and Spectral Responses to Biogenic Variations on Earth-like Planets
P6.3 E. Johansson Hybrid Simulations of the Stellar Wind Interaction with Close-in Extrasolar Planets
P6.4 D. Kitzmann Climatic Effects of Cloud Particles in Earth-like Planetary Extrasolar Atmospheres
P6.5 M. Lund Comparison of ESP Mass Radius Relations for Transiting ESP
P6.6 B. Patzer On the Gravitational Settling of Cloud Particles under the Atmospheric Conditions of the Super-Earth Gl 581d
P6.7 S. Rätz Planetary Transit Observations at the University Observatory Jena: TrES-2
P6.8 R. Redmer Interior Models for Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune
P6.9 B. Stracke The Inner Boundary of the Habitable Zone for Earth-like Planets
P6.10 M. Vanko Implication of Activity of Late-type Stars for Darwin Mission
P6.11 C. Watson Estimating the Masses of the Extra-solar Planets
P6.12 P. Zielinski The Pennsylvania - Torun Planets Search. Stellar Parameters Determination
P6.13 P. Zielinski Metallicity of Evolved Stars with Planets

Subject: Migration
P7.1 B. Bitsch Planetary Migration in Radiative Accretion Disks
P7.2 C. Mordasini Planetary Population Synthesis: Correlations between Disk and Planetary Properties
P7.3 Z. Sandor Eccentricity Damping During the Formation of Terrestrial Planets
P7.4 S. Wang Formation of Planet System OGLE-06-109L

Subject: System Architecture
P8.1 C. Bergfors Binarity of Transit Host Stars
P8.2 C. Ginski Search for Substellar Companions Around Young Stars with the HST
P8.3 M. Hartmann The Tautenburg Survey for Extrasolar Planets of F-type Stars
P8.4 V. Joergens Towards Radial Velocity Detections of Planets Around Brown Dwarfs
P8.5 J. S. Kotiranta Detecting Planetary Signals with Bayesian Methods
P8.6 R. Launhardt The ESPRI Project: Narrow-Angle Astrometry with PRIMA
P8.7 G. Maciejewski The TCfA Transit Timing Survey
P8.8 D. Malmberg On the Origin of Eccentricities Among Extrasolar Planets
P8.9 E. Meyer Precision Astrometry from Images Obtained with Adaptive Optics
P8.10 C. Migaszewski A Dynamical Analysis of the Multi-planet System HR 8799
P8.11 A. Niedzielski Photometric Activity and RV Scatter in PTPS Stars
P8.12 G. Nowak Pennsylvania-Torun Planet Search: V sin(i) Measurements of 1000 Red Giants
P8.13 G. Nowak Planets or Atmospheric Variability: Activity Indicators of Red Giants
P8.14 M. Ogihara N-body Simulations of Planetary Accretion around M Dwarf Stars
P8.15 S. Schuh Planetary Systems around Evolved Stars
P8.16 R. van Boekel Observations of Planets Orbiting within Disks around Young Stars
P8.17 M. Zechmeister The M Dwarf Planet Search Program with the VLT+UVES